7 Continents

My Great-Aunt Rebecca (Paternal Grandmother's Sister) is the only person I personally know that have been to all 7 Continents. She did it before the age of 70 with Antartica as her final continent. My sister and I have travelled to four (N. America, Europe, Asia, and Africa). Three more continents to go that I hope to reach within this decade.

---Rhonda Washington

Course Goals

Learn some facts and tidbits about each of the 7 Continents. Which one is the largest in size? Which one has the smallest population? Which continent has the longest mountain range? And more interesting info that you may find useful when traveling to another continent.

Beijing, China

The Forbidden City

Monaco, France

French Riviera

Tulum, Mexico


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African Safari

There is so much to see in the world. Seeing the giraffes in the wild was a jaw-dropping experience I'll never forget.

---Sharee Washington